I have been following Aly McLoughlin-Harte for a while on Facebook.  It is simply lovely to have one of her drawings pop up from the bottom of the screen of my smart-phone as I scroll, pausing for a moment or two, grateful for something so beautiful to have come to break up the monotony of social media.

Aren’t her drawings magical?  When I first saw them I remember thinking how wonderful it was that something so delightful could stem from some seemingly simple marks on a page and, how everyday objects that we take for granted could be given significance through quiet re-presentations of them.  “Placing importance on the everyday” states Aly on her twitter profile.  Her artwork certainly does.

It’s not only self-propelled transport that Aly draws however; she describes herself as a mark-maker and photo-taker and as well as images of everyday objects she also creates abstract oil-stick pieces of local landmarks including The Stormont Assembly Building, The Giant’s Causeway and Samson and Goliath, to name a few.

I love how these pieces portray a sense of the here and now.  There is something so inherently fleeting about them that we can immediately identify with the time of day or the time of year: a single point of a remembered vision that you can only imagine in terms of colour and feeling, forcing us reconsider our immediate environment and the ‘beauty that lieth there’.

If you would like to see more of, or know more about, Aly’s work, you can visit her website at alymcloughlinharte.com or visit her on Twitter or Facebook.

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